We are an event management company which values being a close-knit team. As event organizers and coordinators, we deliver corporate events we are proud of and which produce the results expected of us. Our aim is the promote entertainment, with a ‘refreshing difference’. As a corporate event management company, we strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients. We understand that what each client desires in their event is uniqueness.

We relentlessly pursue breakthrough ideas, styles and locations to make experiences that are at the cutting edge of creative events. Central to the way we work are our core values of being sustainable, responsible, generous, commercial and inspired. We excel in what we do because we approach our tasks with sincerity and passion without compromising on perfection.


Your Funtime defines our Worktime!!!

  • O -Optimistic Approach
  • R -Respect for Clients
  • A -Assured Entertainment/ Amazing strategies
  • N -Never Ending Support
  • G -Guaranteed Quality
  • E -Enriched Thoughts

We do more than just event management!!